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Tourist Attraction at Shimla tour packages

Shimla touristOne of the most popular places in Shimla is the Mall which is the main place that shoppers go to. The entire lengthy strip is composed of retail stores, signature shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, travel agencies, banks and post offices. One of the must-visit places in the Mall is the Gaiety Theatre which features cultural shows and events every now and then. People can acquire a variety of native and local crafts and items in a number of shops. The Shimla State Museum is another tourist attraction that is often included in Shimla tour packages. Tourists will find several beautiful native sculptures and paintings in the museum. They will also learn a lot about the ancient activities that the people of Himachal Pradesh used to indulge in. The Kali Bari Temple which was built for the goddess Shayamla is another great place to visit, together with the Hanuman Temple and the Jakhoo Temple. The Hanuman Temple offers a spectacular view of the shimla hill station because it is situated on the highest mountain at shimla tour package. Visitors get to the temple via taxi or pony. Another excellent viewing spot where visitors can appreciate the sights around is the Ridge.         
When getting a Shimla tour package deal, tourists should aim to visit a couple of popular shimla hill stations. Prospect Hill is just 2 kilometers away and features a temple built by worshippers of Kamna Devi. Summer shimla Hill is also 2 kilometers away and features the HP University and the Georgian House where Mahatma Gandhi used to live. It is a beautiful place to enjoy quiet and relaxing walks. Another great shimla hill station is Chail Sanctuary which features an excellent view of the valley and forest. A number of unique animals, particularly birds, can be seen from the place. From the tourists’ point of view, they also get to see the snow-covered peaks.

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