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How to Reach Shimla for holidays from delhi

BusTo reach Shimla for holiday packages there are three main modes of transportation available when getting to reach Shimla. People can choose to reach the shimla hill station by air, by train or by bus. Air travel is still the most convenient and fastest although it is also the priciest. The city has its own airport – Jubbarhatti Airport. From the airport, tourists can take a taxi cab for only 450 rupees. Daily flights are available from Delhi to Shimla. The closest international airport is Delhi International Airport, which is linked to all the big cities around the country as well as the world. The airplane trip from Delhi to Shimla takes no more than 2 hours. People from different areas like Chandigarh, Manali and Kullu can get to the place very quickly. Some tourists like to take straight routes from their foreign city to Delhi and then proceed to reach Shimla for holidays.

PlanePeople can also reach Shimla for a holiday by taking the train. The railway station operates via gauge meter. Tourists can get to reach Shimla by train from the meter gauge railway station in Kalka. It is only less than a hundred kilometers away. Kalka is the access point because it is linked to all the big cities around the country by railway. Daily train rides are available for the Shimla holidays. The third mode of transportation is the bus. There are ordinary and deluxe bus services offering daily rides from Himachal Pradesh. Some people choose to take an air-condition taxi cab from Delhi to Shimla.

TrainThe roads have been improved much since tourists began flocking to the city in recent years. The cost of transportation will depend on the vehicle and the distance. Taxi rides are very expensive. There are also backpackers who like to walk all the way to reach Shimla from the closest state or station. Taking the bus or taxi will take several hours to reach shimla for holidays.

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