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About Shimla

About Shimla Hill Station tour package

Shimla Hill Station, which used to be called Simla, is found in India in the northwestern part of the Himalayas. The place is well-known for its cool climate, average 25 to 26 degrees during the hot months and down to 10 to 11 degrees during the cold months. According to legend, Shimla always asked the gods not to make the climate any hotter than 25 to 26 degrees. The gods also happily granted his wish which officially made the place the summer capital of India in 1864. Shimla is also the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and is currently one of the most frequently visited tourist places among hill station in the country. People getting a Shimla travel package will enjoy beautiful skies, colorful flowers and gardens, a number of stylish architectural works and local sights and sounds. Although tourists flock to the “Queen of Hills” particularly in the summer, many will appreciate the way the city glimmers when winter starts to come. The long moon night season is one of the most anticipated each year which transforms the place into a fascinating winter wonderland.

The name was given to the city based on the incarnation of Kali, a Hindu goddess, who was afterwards referred to as Shyamala Devi. Getting a Shimla tourist package will also teach people a lot about the culture and background of the place. There is a temple made by worshippers of Kali, situated in the middle of the forest that engulfs Jakhu Hill. Tourists can get into the capital city of Himachal Pradesh easily from neighboring places like Kashimir, Chandigarh, Punjab and Jammu. The place is one of the largest hill stations in India where people can enjoy spectacular sights of the Himalayas and surrounding rainforests. It is a beautiful and educational place to visit for couples, groups of friends and entire families with kids to shimla hill station.

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